St. Vincent's Annie Clark to Guest Star on 'Portlandia'

St. Vincent's Annie Clark to Guest Star on 'Portlandia'
St. Vincent's Annie Clark has a lot on the go right now -- a fantastic new album, Strange Mercy, and a lengthy North American tour -- but that didn't stop her from accepting an invite to guest on Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein's hipster send-up show, Portlandia.

Speaking with Exclaim!, the Dallas, TX avant-pop chanteuse gave us a quick explanation of how she first became affiliated with the show: "A couple of years ago, I did a video with the pre-Portlandia Fred and Carrie, a comedy duo called Thunderant. They'd been putting up funny videos online since 2005, and I was a big fan of theirs. I was friends with Fred and Carrie, and they said they wanted to do a Thunderant version of my 'Laughing with a Mouthful of Blood' video. So, we did a music/Thunderant video together!" (You can see the video below.)

"Then," she continues, "I just kind of heard from them in the past month or so, when I was out in L.A., and they said 'Why don't you come up to Portland and be on the show?'"

Asked about her character, Clark is coy, saying, "I played a waitress, and then I played a cop-uniform model."

She adds, "I got to be in a scene with Kyle MacLachlan... It was so cool, and he was such a gentleman."

It's yet unknown when the episode will air, but the second season of Portlandia is to begin airing in January 2012 on IFC

Strange Mercy is out now, courtesy of 4AD. Next month, St. Vincent is also set to kick off a North American tour, which finds her playing a Canadian date in Vancouver on October 12. You can see the complete schedule here.