St. Vincent, Grimes to Premiere New Songs on 'Girls'

St. Vincent, Grimes to Premiere New Songs on 'Girls'
Along with all of the usual twenty-something drama, the latest season of the HBO series Girls will feature something special for music fans: there will brand new songs from St. Vincent, Grimes and Family of the Year.

Music supervisor Manish Raval told Billboard that the St. Vincent song in question is called "Teenage Talk," and it will appear at the end of an upcoming episode. The singer-guitarist is apparently friends with Girls' creator and star Lena Dunham, and this led to her handing over a demo of the unreleased song.

Raval explained, "I said to St. Vincent's people, 'We love Annie and she and Lena are friends. Is there anything laying around?' They sent us a demo of a song called 'Teenage Talk' that she hadn't released yet and it was amazing. Lena flipped for it."

As for Grimes, her song "Entropy" is another collaboration with Jack Antonoff of fun. and Bleachers. This makes sense, since Antonoff is Dunham's boyfriend. Raval said, "It ends one of my favourite episodes ever — a big party event leads us on a very melancholy note but there's something so awesomely fun and energetic about this track that really plays against the moment."

As for Family of the Year, they have previously had their music featured on Girls. The L.A. band gave the folks at the show a preview of their new album, and Raval snatched up a tune called "Carry Me" for a "big emotional scene."

Girls is currently in its fourth season. One episode has aired so far.