St. Vincent Gives Update on New LP, David Byrne Collaboration

St. Vincent Gives Update on New LP, David Byrne Collaboration
It's been a couple of years since Annie Clark, aka St. Vincent, dropped her incredible sophomore set Actor, a whimsical extension of the indie rock, jazz, '40s film scores and penetrating guitar skronk that made up her Marry Me debut. While it's been a while, for sure, fans should know that the singer/guitarist is working on not one, but two new records, which could see release by the end of the year.

The Wall Street Journal reports that the songwriter has started work on her third solo disc. While she hints at a collection popping up sometime in the fall, she's careful not to make any grand statements about the set quite yet.

"I'm writing and going to start recording next month, so probably a record out in the fall. I'll be tight lipped about it," she said. "You can go into the studio with so many plans, exactly how it ought to be, but then you got to leave so much room for songs really getting to be what they want to be."

What seems to be a bit more concrete is her upcoming collaboration with rock icon David Byrne. The pair have already laid down a handful of songs to be released at some point in time.

"So far we have about four songs recorded," Clark admitted. "It's just this seemingly opened-ended project where we just keep exchanging ideas and go in and record when each of us has time."

While the project has pitted her against the Talking Heads great in the studio, the experience has also led to a growing friendship between the two musicians.

"It's been such a great experience to work with him and kind of get to know him. I want to be David Byrne when I grow up. He's still so curious and open. We go out and see shows and dance performances. He's wonderful to get to be around."

Neither her collaboration with Byrne nor her new solo album has a firm release date.