St. Vincent, Against Me!, Sam Roberts and Sharon Jones Fill Exclaim!'s March Issue

St. Vincent, Against Me!, Sam Roberts and Sharon Jones Fill Exclaim!'s March Issue
The holidays are long behind us, and we're now well into the second half of winter. White snow has turned into a brown, sloppy mess, they sky is a dull grey at least four days a week, and the initial charm of the season is growing a bit weary. Luckily, a ray of light is breaking through. Is it Valentine's Day? Nope. It's the newest edition of Exclaim!, here to bring some musical excitement to your life, one page at a time. Grab a copy today at your nearest coffee shop, bar, venue, shop or street box.

Unconventional and uncompromising guitar virtuoso St. Vincent is the subject of our new cover story. In anticipation of her excellent self-titled album, Annie Clark takes some time to sit with Exclaim! to discuss the forthcoming record, finding inspiration in life on the road and her refusal to take time off work.

This month's Timeline features punk rock quartet Against Me!, and shows just how much can change in 17 years. From furiously belting out anarchist folk-punk songs in basements across Gainesville, FL, to becoming triumphantly tearing through transgender anthems on arena stages, we trace the band's impressive ascent.

Canadian rocker Sam Roberts indulged in our Questionnaire this month, in which he talks polar vortexes, getting called a commie, and his experience meeting AC/DC. Oh, and if you ever wondered what Roberts wants played at his funeral, this is the questionnaire for you.

The new issue is stacked with features, including the results of our annual Reader's Poll and interviews with British pop singer Katy B, Montreal's Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra, Boston singer-songwriter Marissa Nadler and Swedish electronic artist CEO. Plus, our resident gaming expert Joshua Ostroff looks into the effects of downloadable content on creative freedom in videogames.

Jason Amm's electronic project Solvent leads the class in our Music School section this month, where he talks modular synthesizers and the search for new sounds, while in our review side of things, we speak with Sharon Jones, Matt Andersen and Actress to discuss their new records.

Right now, you can take a look at some web exclusive interviews with Indian, Dum Dum Girls, Warpaint, Step Brothers and Fred Eaglesmith. As the month goes on, more of the issue's content will be available online, but you can get it all right now by picking it up the new issue of Exclaim! at your local cafe, bar, restaurant or other fine establishment.