SSRIs Spin-Off Aunts and Uncles Prep Debut EP

SSRIs Spin-Off Aunts and Uncles Prep Debut EP
You may already know Joseph Hirabayashi from his work as the keyboardist of the spazzy prog/handcore outfit SSRIs. Now, the Vancouver songwriter is getting ready to release an EP with a new band, Aunts and Uncles.

The trio's self-titled, self-recorded collection is set to drop on August 11. But unlike the noise-mongering SSRIs, Aunts and Uncles favour a creepier sound with folk and orchestral overtones.

For some proof, you can hear the new single "November," which is available as a free download from Bandcamp. You can also watch a live video for the EP closer "Yet to Relent" at the bottom of this page. It was recorded in May at band member Adrienne Labelle's house.

The CD will be available in zine-style packaging, containing contributions from five different Vancouver artists, each of whom designed an image that incorporates lyrics from one of the songs.

The EP will be launched with a release party at the Biltmore on August 11. The evening will also feature performances from Olenka & the Autumn Lovers and Synthcake.

Aunts and Uncles:

1. "Fire in the Mountains"
2. "November"
3. "Acre Bridge"
4. "End to the Cause"
5. "Yet to Relent"