Squirrels The Not-So-Bright Side of the Moon

The revolving band of musical vandals - led by Rob Morgan - that comprise the Squirrels includes Fastback Kurt Bloch, Dread Zeppelin's Tortelvis and Ed Zeppelin this time around. And they've selected AOR war-horse Dark Side of the Moon as their target, recreating the entire LP. They claim that their aim was somewhere between parody and homage. They'd have delivered greater musical value for money if they'd stuck a tad closer to the homage side of the teeter-totter and eschewed the sophomoric gags like chicken clucking, hiccups and recreating the synth solo in "Breathe" by flapping their lips with their fingers. I'll be up front - Dark Side of the Moon is a great LP that loses respect because every greaseball doper with a mullet and pube hair moustache that you went to school with owned a copy. But dig that puppy out and really listen - it's brilliant. There's lots to love with Not So Bright Side... as well - the reggae bit they inject into "Time," the schizoid battle between Floyd's and Barret Strong's versions of "Money," to mention a couple. The homage/parody extends to the packaging as well, and includes a warning to not try synching it up with The Wizard Of Oz. Sure, Floyd's bloat and pretension deserve puncturing, but DSOTM is also worthy of a consistently sharper wit to do that puncturing. (PopLlama)