Squeaky Lobster

MAC Salle BWR, Montreal QC, May 29

Squeaky LobsterMAC Salle BWR, Montreal QC, May 29
The water was put on a low boil, onions sautéed, platters garnished with an assortment of crudités, while the crowd were salivating in anticipation of the main course: a funky Belgian crustacean with a knack for future-beats.
Squeaky Lobster's set was as playful as his name suggests, and proved to be a welcome break from the serious experimental projects of his fellow festival performers. He dished out a wide array of glitched-out, instrumental hip-hop that was all at once soulful, jazzy and dotted with the smooth tidings of R&B. Squeaky Lobster's style seemed much more fit for an outdoor evening event than the dark basement of the Musée D'art Contemporain, but he was such a colourful performer that he lit up the underground venue in no time at all.
Beats were formed and then destroyed like shattered glass, as Lobster chopped up his recordings with delays and some indulgent use of a filter. Here, he used his plethora of effects to tease the crowd, lulling them into thinking he was finished before flicking all the dials back and re-entering his tracks with newfound gusto. After bringing a smile to the faces of the MUTEK patrons throughout his vibrant set, he moved south towards the gut for the closer, pummelling the crowd with a fine serving of grimy bass.
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