Squarepusher Readies New EP For January

Squarepusher Readies New EP For January
Despite Squarepusher's Just a Souvenir barely being a month old, Tom Jenkinson is already back at it, announcing that a follow-up EP is just around the corner. Titled Numbers Lucent, the new six-track offering is set to drop January 20 via Jenkinson's long-time label Warp, which describes the upcoming release as a "rave grenade - Squarepusher style."

Apparently, Jenkinson's rave-littered past is the inspiration on this one, with Warp saying, "the new EP serves to highlight and contrast the vibrant fantasy band album that is Just a Souvenir, with six self-styled explorations of dance floor psychedelia."

We're not sure how this exactly works on record but some audio clips of Numbers Lucent are to be posted on Warp's website in the coming weeks to give fans a taste of what's in store.

In the meantime, here's the tracklisting:

1. "Zounds Perspex"
2. "Paradise Garage"
3. "Heliacal Torch"
4. "Star Time 1"
5. "Areterial Fantasy"
6. "Illegal Dustbin"

Squarepusher "Planet Gear"