Squad Five-0 Late News Breaking

It is appropriate that the title of this album comes from a Joe Strummer song, because this album sounds very much like the Clash. What you will get from Late News Breaking is some non-stop rocking. Their music is like a strange breeding experiment between the Clash, Television, and the Rolling Stones. "Secret Society” adds some Rancid to this musical hybrid, with some alternating between lows and highs. The overall effect is a mixture of straight ahead rock, punk, and maybe a slight touch of reggae. There are a couple harmonies though; they clamour on top of each other, and then get torn down by one swipe of a drumstick. "Left Alone” is redolent of the Ramones’ "I Don’t Want to Live This Life” — hard, fast and melodious. The attitude remains quite positive throughout, so it should be a breath of fresh air for anyone who is tired of apathetic rock. Even the angst-y heartbreak songs seem reasonably hopeful. The bass is enormously strong, and the screams are actually in key. It is just what the doctor ordered, if you are looking for a little something to pump you up for your next protest rally. (EMI)