Squad Five-0 Bombs Over Broadway

Squad Five-0 try and fail at recreating '80s L.A. glam rock, à la Cinderella, Faster Pussycat and much of the other stuff that was big at that time. They wear their look (long hair, mirrored sunglasses, attitude) more like kids on Halloween than rock'n'rollers. Although a few tracks stand out compared to the rest, this falls short on more than one front. The singer's voice doesn't quite cut it for the style of music and for some reason they added an organ to some of the songs. On the positive side, they did manage to pull off the same style of bad lyricism from the glam metal years. The chorus from "Rock and Roll Bandit" says it all: "I'm a rock'n'roll bandit, with my gun by my side I ride into the night." Bon Jovi himself couldn't have said it better. (Tooth and Nail)