Spring Breakup Spring Breakup

Spring BreakupSpring Breakup
Sardonic yet cheery, Spring Breakup live up to all their name connotes, writing sad songs about battered hearts with a tentative eye towards renewal. A product of proximity and isolation, Spring Breakup came to be when the Burning Hell's Mathias Kom decided to leave Peterborough, ON to spend some time in Whitehorse, YT, where he got better acquainted with fellow songwriter Kim Barlow. With his trusted ukulele and her banjo, the duo's forlorn instruments add a comically drab touch to rather earnest songs that deal with broken hearts from naively clear-eyed, optimistic perspectives. How else to render a regretful song about an underwear model ("Spring Flings") or the diary-read-aloud admissions ("Young Love," the beautiful "Waikiki") that manifest themselves so often on this endearing album? With Barlow's squeaky pitch and Kom's knowing baritone, Spring Breakup do have a May-December thing happening but their eagle eye songs make them an ideal match. (Independent)