Sprïng "Pax Calx" (video)

Sprïng 'Pax Calx' (video)
Apparently Sprïng didn't have any goggles on hand when they filmed their new video for "Pax Calx," because it features lots of shots of the Vancouver four-piece opening their eyes underwater.

Directed by John Mutter, it shows individual shots of the guys laying in a bathtub. While cracking open their eyes and occasionally blowing bubbles, they blub along with the swirling psychedelic ballad.

Mutter said in a statement, "I wanted to make the video look and feel like how the song sounded. When I first heard 'Pax Calx' I got a very clear image of the band lying comfortably underwater, almost in a state of comatose, as if they were androids awakening for the first time after being completely assembled."

Scroll past the band's tour schedule to watch it. Sprïng have a Vancouver gig tonight (May 21) at the Next Music From Tokyo event.

Tour dates:

05/21 Vacouver, BC - Biltmore (Next Music From Tokyo)
05/25 Portland, OR - Rontoms
06/28 Vacouver, BC - David Lam Park (Vancouver Jazz Fest)