Spotify Launches Partnership with Uber

Spotify Launches Partnership with Uber
Now that Spotify has come to Canada, some of us will be able to enjoy an extra perk from the music streaming service. Spotify has now joined forces with ridesharing service Uber for an initiative that allows users to play music from their Spotify accounts inside of the vehicle.

This means that passengers in Uber cars will no longer be subjected to the music tastes of their drivers. It works like this: users can connect their Spotify account from Uber's profile screen. If the user gets paired up with a Spotify-enabled Uber driver, he or she will get wireless control of the car's speakers through either the Spotify or Uber apps.

This is only available to Spotify Premium customers, rather than free members. The program will launch this Friday (November 21) in 10 cities throughout the world, including Toronto. A global rollout will follow in the coming weeks.

Musicians such as Andrew W.K., Diplo, Matt and Kim, Kevin Drew will be helping to launch the initiative with ride-alongs and live sessions.

Somewhat surprisingly, it doesn't seem that Uber participant deadmau5 is involved the this launch.

This is good news for Uber passengers. Get matched with a hot-tempered driver? A little Kenny G should calm the mood. Want your driver to pick up the pace? Trying listening to a Jock Jams compilation. You get the point.