​Spotify Launches New "Equalizer" Tool to Help Boost Female Representation

​Spotify Launches New 'Equalizer' Tool to Help Boost Female Representation
Nothing says gender equality quite like a swig of Smirnoff, so naturally the vodka company has teamed up with Spotify for a new project called the Smirnoff Equalizer.
The tool allows Spotify users to determine what percentage of male and female artists they listen to — and then suggests a more balanced selection of songs with an "equalized" playlist. If a playlist consisting of 50 percent female and non-binary artists isn't enough for you, you can skew it upwards to 90 percent.
The Equalizer arrives in anticipation of International Women's Day 2018, which arrives tomorrow (March 8), and hopes to make a dent in last year's staggering lack of female representation in streaming stats.
Spotify's 2017 year-end data revealed that all 10 of the 10 most streamed songs of 2017 were performed by male artists (other than a featured credit to Selena Gomez on Kygo's No. 7 track "It Ain't Me"). All 10 of the 10 most-streamed albums were also performed by male artists.
Watch a video about the new Equalizer tool below, then head over here to find out how your music listening habits scored — and maybe take them up on some female-made musical suggestions.