Hardcore Producer Spot Preps 'Sounds of Two Eyes Opening' Photography Book

Hardcore Producer Spot Preps 'Sounds of Two Eyes Opening' Photography Book
While throughout the '80s, Spot (a.k.a. record producer Glen Lockett) sat behind the boards working on classic hardcore LPs from the likes of Black Flag, the Descendents, Minutemen and Hüsker Dü, he also maintained a prolific pace behind a camera lens. Covering anything from concert shots to portrayals of California street life, much of Spot's work is now being highlighted in a new photo book called Sounds of Two Eyes Opening.

The collection arrives November 28 through Sinecure Books, with a press release noting the 272-page book plucks from close to two decades' worth of Spot's shots, between the late '60s to the early '80s.

Edited by Johan Kugelberg and Ryan Richardson, the project balances "claustrophobic" and candid shots of bands like Black Flag and the Germs with photos highlighting the "beauty, youth and body worship" of Southern California beach culture. Some of this work was presented earlier this year in a small-run zine called Photographs by Spot, via Boo-Hooray/Deadbeat Club Press.

Copies of Sounds of Two Eyes Opening will also come packaged with a 7-inch picture disc of a Spot solo-track called "Too Wise to Crack." The image was produced by artist/skateboard legend Ed Templeton. A deluxe "slipcase edition" adds a two-sided poster and a high quality print of a photo included in the book.

You can pre-order Sounds of Two Eyes Opening here .