Spoon's Britt Daniel Working With Jon Brion

Spoon's Britt Daniel Working With Jon Brion
In news that should make more than a few music nerds go "Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga," Spoon's Britt Daniels is apparently back working with producer extraordinaire Jon Brion. Daniels recently revealed the pair's new working relationship in an interview with Texas Monthly [via Pitchfork], saying he's been writing new songs in L.A. with one-time Elliott Smith pal and now Kanye West/Of Montreal/Fiona Apple collaborator.

"We're writing together, which is different for me," Daniels told Texas Monthly. "I've never gone somewhere to write with someone. I wrote some things once with Miles Zuniga [of Austin's Fastball], but that was more, 'We need a verse, now a chorus.' This is doing things with individual sounds, things that could become sections of songs.

"Jon plays every instrument. He has strategies for putting everything together. He calls this throwing paint against the wall. It's coming up with ideas."

Brion previously worked with Spoon on their last album, 2007's Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga, on which he produced the track "The Underdog" and proved his orchestral touch was indeed a good match for the band's often sparse approach.

However, if you think that just because Daniels is writing again this means a new Spoon album is just around the corner, well, it's not. The article says a proper new full-length won't likely come until 2010 and for now that record has the working title Me and Matty Pickles. (Apparently, Matty Pickles is some guy in Brooklyn band the Subjects.)

To read the complete article on Daniels, you can check it out here.