Spoon "Hi" (teaser video)

Spoon 'Hi' (teaser video)
Four years on from the release of Transference, indie rock favourites Spoon have finally let loose a morsel of music from their next as-yet-undetailed album via a studio video.

The clip is labelled "Hi," but it's unclear at this point whether this is a proper track name or more of a hello from the band to their fans. Stylistically, the song sure sounds like Spoon with its spacious drumming and staccato acoustic guitar strums, not to mention Britt Daniel's scratchy, cigarette-stained croon, here apparently detailing what it's like to be "living in 1892." Anachronistically, the glance at the past is also paired with what sounds like the freaky, futuristic whir of a digital chainsaw.

There's still no exact date for the next Spoon LP, but the band reported in a tweet over the weekend that they are "One week away from a finished album."