Spontaneous Spur of the Moment Musik

With a disarming off-the-dome nasal flow, accomplished self-production and boundless manic energy, the debut from L.A.-based Spontaneous is a highly entertaining loose cannon. Peppering his verses with witty bragging and unorthodox zeal, he comes off stylistically like a long lost member of the in-limbo Pharcyde. In a vein similar to that quirky group, this Chicago transplant's sound is appealing across the board, craftily defying geographical identity. Inviting a litany of guests, Spontaneous rounds up Xzibit, Saukrates, Tash from Tha Alkaholiks, Bahamadia and even Kurtis Blow to make solid, if not remarkable, appearances alongside lesser-known lights to rock over his spacy beats. Despite the help and input from others, Spontaneous firmly follows his own path and is bent on experimenting with flows and concepts in an attempt to be a "next school MC" and live up to his name. This tactic most notably falls short on the skits and on beats that begin to err on the monotonous side on the album's second half. But Spon has enough charisma to ride out these wrinkles, infusing the energy of a live show into cuts like "Grits 'n' Butta," "Quiet On Da Set" and "Wilinupinheya." (Atomic Pop)