Split Screens Split Screens EP

Split ScreensSplit Screens EP
Not only does the Split Screens EP, the debut release from San Franciscan Jesse Cafiero (under the eponymous moniker), bring you back to the golden age of slow-core, it makes you realize that there actually was a golden age of slow-core. Utilizing electronic-minded musicians like Tyco's Rory O'Connor on drums and Jeremy Black on analog tape delay, Cafiero approaches his indie rock in a much different manner than, say, Codeine, Idaho or Low did decades back. On tracks like "Born," "When it Comes to You" and "Deep Down," Cafiero's heartbreakingly serene melodies are expertly enhanced by Geneva Harrison's gorgeous vibraphone playing. Using delay and slide guitar, while his double-tracked vocals lag, Jesse gives each of the EP's five tracks a haunted, lovesick response. Split Screens is an emotionally charged piece of work that never tries to be overwrought or precious; it's just a collection of songs demonstrating the beauty that unadulterated passion can exude. (Independent)