Spineshank The Height of Callousness

It's hard to believe Roadrunner once had a pretty great roster, back in the confusing R/C and Roadracer days. Nowadays they really have an interest in the nu-metal phenomenon, and that's where Spineshank falls. Spineshank is a bit more respectable than most of this rubbish, though. The songs are often just straight-ahead heavy rock songs with a good dose of teen angst thrown over top. The grooves do fly around a bit, and bits of electronics are thrown about, which is kind of embarrassing sounding somehow. The lyrics and concept of the album are decent, about hitting your personal breaking point, but still, I can't help thinking it's more forced anger, grunge-style. Spineshank are better than most of the nu-metal bands, but this shit as a whole has to end. (Roadrunner)