Spine Collage

An odd twelve-inch compilation because of the juxtaposition of unlikely music styles haphazardly pieced together in the manner of a collage. Track one on side A starts off with women crooning in a '40s ballad-like manner about how they're the "last men standing," set to mechanised distorted beats. Track two is a traditional self-glorifying hip-hop track rhythmically rapped by Sugar B. & Skitz, continuing on the last man theme. Track three is an instrumental remix with only the chorus lines of track two preserved along with Atari 2600-era sounds added for good measure. Onward to side B, breathy, sensuous vocals are crooned by Sarah Slean, with abstract beats that are vaguely similar to Lamb, but not as refined. Track two is a remix of the first track yet filtered to only dimly resemble it. The final track on this compilation is called "The Patriot," which is sampled from the movie of the same name and is just plain weird. The track begins with dialogue and film score samples from the movie set to a beat, and breaks in mid-song to samples of seemingly fear filled grunts and moans from men engaging in some sort of suspicious sounding physical activity. Since this is an album, I cannot quite see what they're up to, then, mercifully, the film's core and beats resume. After that last track, I shuddered and put away the record for a later listen, sans The Patriot. (What?)