The Spill Canvas Denial Feels So Good

Many "emo” bands fail to stick but that won’t be the case for the Spill Canvas. Their passion and talents are so undeniably strong that even the older cats are having a hard time letting go of their nostalgic, acoustic-friendly ballads. This EP is meant to hold us over until their new album comes out in the fall but it does more than that! The remixed version of "Staplegunned,” off of 2005’s One Fell Swoop, is a perfect example of why girls go crazy for these South Dakota boys. It’s no techno dance-tronica remix; instead it’s a rock-y, balls-out approach to the lusty track with some dance-y guitars. Track two is a treat; it’s a stunning cover of Stevie Nicks’ "Gold Dust Women” that proves the Spill Canvas are worthy of their prestigious following. The shimmering guitars and keen drum work make for an experimental, Mute Math-esque vibe, and it’s inspiring. The new cuts are laced with heart-pinching lyrics and in true Spill Canvas fashion, are extremely tear-jerking. We wouldn’t expect anything less and this EP is hinting that their next album will be something very special. (Universal Egg)