Spider John Koerner March 1963

Here's a real piece of roots music history. Koerner (and bandmates Dave Ray and Tony Glover) were key figures in the American blues/folk revival of the early '60s. In the middle of creating the seminal Blues, Rags & Hollers album with that trio, Koerner taped a show for a Milwaukee radio show in March 1963. That long-lost recording surfaces here in abbreviated but un-retouched form; it's certainly not a polished recording or performance, but it captures Koerner's very proficient acoustic guitar work and passionate vocals nicely. Koerner is famed as the man who introduced a young Bob Dylan to the 12-string guitar, and has been cited as an influence on Beck. Led Zeppelin fans may recognize the traditional "Hangman" as that band's "Gallows Pole," but most of the songs are Koerner originals. The talkin' blues and field hollers vocal approach of Koerner may sound a little dated now, but this is a fascinating aural document. (Nero's Neptune)