Spider-Verses: A Playlist for Every Spider-Man in 'Into the Spider-Verse'

Well, plus Spider-Women and a Spider-Pig

Spider-Gwen of E-65

Gwen Stacy's musical taste is less up to speculation than most, as "Face It Tiger" by her band the Mary Janes has been brought to life by Married with Sea Monsters. Given that the track now appears on the Marvel YouTube channel, we're taking it as canon. She may not ooze riot grrrl in Into the Spider-Verse — after all, what kind of punk would be caught dead in a preppy school uniform — but catch her behind the kit and there's no mistaking what she's into.
The Distillers – "The Hunger"
In this universe, Stacy was bit by a spider, but a power-hungry Peter Parker attempts to strike back at his bullies by turning himself into the Lizard. Unfortunately, complications lead to him dying in her arms, so this song about not wanting someone to go pulls on the heroine's heartstrings.
Death From Above – "Do It!"
Spider-Gwen lures the Vulture via rooftop graffiti in 2015's issue #001 of her eponymous series, including a taunt of "DEATH FROM A BUTT." Though this song says, "You're my friend," the majority of it is about pushing someone away, which Stacy suggests she wants when she declares she doesn't want friends.
Bikini Kill – "Outta Me"
Relationships end with a messy push-and-pull of emotions, but for Stacy and Miles Morales that confusion was there at the start. They meet in the middle of his crush and her detachment for a great friendship, though apparently the sequel film will follow the comics' lead and pair them together romantically.
Black Flag – "The Swinging Man"
Spider-Woman ain't a man, but she proves she can do anything a man (or spider) can do. Swinging is just one of her powers, and this off-kilter shredder is the perfect soundtrack to that when taken at face value; just don't read into the depressing subtext.
Sleater-Kinney – "Anonymous"
Of course a masked super hero wants to stay anonymous and, at times, be like everyone else, plus there's reference to a spider that makes this jam even more perfect.

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