Sperm Donors Rewarded With Free Tickets to Festivals

Sperm Donors Rewarded With Free Tickets to Festivals
Fertility clinics are enduring a frighteningly low supply at the moment in Ireland and to promote sperm and egg donors to come in and shake things up they are offering free tickets to any major European festival in return for their, er, services.

Recently sperm banks in Ireland admitted they were undergoing tough times and were in a state of crisis. In the last four years donations have decreased by 40 percent and the demand for said "item” is overwhelmingly higher than its supply. The appropriately titled plan called Sperm For Tickets has launched a scheme where donators can send their samples through donation containers - which can be requested on their website - by courier from anywhere in Europe.

Here is a list of the European festivals helping out the cause. A friendly reminder you and your boys only get you into the big show - transportation and accommodations are not included.

Lowlands 2008 – Netherlands
Ruisrock Festival in Turku 2008 – Finland
Roskilde Festival 2008 – Denmark
Primavera Sound 2008 – Spain
Karmøgeddon Metalfestival 2008 – Norway
Jerseylive 2008 – UK
Glade Festival 2008 – UK
Super Bock Super Rock Porto 2008 – Portugal
Beach Break Live 2008 – UK
Guernsey Live 2008 – UK
Dragon Festival 2008 – Spain
Ballantine's Leave an Impression 2008 – Spain
Øyafestivalen Festival 2008 – Norway
V Festival 2008 – UK
Rock Werchter 2008 – Belgium
Download Festival 2008 – UK
Wacken Open Air 2008 – Germany
The Big Chill 2008 – UK
Creamfields 2008 – VARIOUS
Quart Festival 2008 – Norway