Spells of Vertigo "Baby Born (With No Brain)" (video)

Spells of Vertigo "Baby Born (With No Brain)" (video)
Alt-rock outfit Spells of Vertigo are gearing up to release their latest EP Soaked this summer, but before it arrives, Exclaim! has got your first look at the band's new video for "Baby Born (With No Brain)."
Blending together shoegaze-y noise and melodic rock'n'roll, the song encapsulates the band's forward-thinking, open-minded approach to making music.
"I wanted to create a tool for myself and the band to idealize any creative inclination that came to mind, without feeling like we were straying away from some kind of irrational initial pact which dictates what is correct and not correct," said lead singer Keegan Powell in a statement. "The best thing for us was to create this question mark which we keep coming back to, where the results are different each time but the raw DNA is always the same."
That free-thinking creativity is applied to the visuals for new single "Baby Born (With No Brain)," which pairs the grunge-tinged tune with swirling, colourful shots that look like they were filmed inside a lava lamp. The spiralling colours blend with footage of scandalous dancers, newscasters and astronauts in the psychedelic video.
Soaked is out on July 2, but you can check out the video for "Baby Born (With No Brain)" in the player below, right now.