Speedy Ortiz "Bigger Party"

Speedy Ortiz 'Bigger Party'
Adult Swim has charitably been upping our summer playlist via its annual singles program, with the latest freebie now coming from Massachusetts indie rockers Speedy Ortiz. Their "Bigger Party" official goes up for download on Monday (July 14), but you can celebrate the single ahead of time via an online stream.

The track plays out like a vintage loser anthem for the Alternative Nation, with crunch-pop guitar melodies and a spindling electric piano melody underscoring vocalist Sadie Dupuis's tuneful admissions of bad behaviour at the expense of a pal. "I'm sorry for that time I made out with all your friends," she apologizes on the chorus before adding, "I'm really a shithead."

If you're in a forgiving mood, you can stream the catchy confession down below.