Speedealer Second Sight

Speedealer have rightfully earned a name as one of the hardest working punk-influenced metal bands in the world through their non-stop touring and wild-ass albums. Now they're trying to better their incinerating Here Comes Death album with the help of ex-Metallica bassist Jason Newsted as head producer. Unfortunately, they're taking a whole other approach now, with bigger, more open song structures and more traditional and tamer sounds. It still has hints of the intensity of old classic songs like "Dealer's Choice," but most of the pit bull-like threat of their attack has sadly been lost. Also, what helped make them so great in the past was their weird variety of songs, switching from fast punkers to stoner-ish drones to bizarre little instrumentals. Now they've managed to unify their influences, but it just doesn't excite as much as an amalgam as it did as a stew. Let's just leave it at this: if Here Comes Death was their Damaged then Second Sight is their My War. (Palm Pictures)