Spectre The End

Like the first two albums in his trilogy, The Illness and The Second Coming, Spectre's The End is shared nearly equally by instrumentals and tracks with guest vocalists. And, like the previous two, The End is a very atmospheric album best heard from beginning to end. While Spectre's beats often sound exotic, there is nearly always a morbid shred of fear and decay, a sound that has become labelled as illbient. His beats will be used when they make the first hip-hop zombie movie (starring Tupac Shakur, of course). Instrumentally, the album belongs to "Apocalypso," the slightly-too-long "Juggernaut" and the paranoid "Parallax." On the vocal tracks, Anti-Pop Consortium's M. Saayid and Sensational come off well on "Kaos Is And Always Will Be" and songstress Honeychild donates her own particular brand of angst to a trip-hop inspired beat that could become the hit of the album - much like "Vampyr Killa" had the potential to do on The Second Coming. The apocalyptic heavy metal styling of "Kali Yuga (Age Of Destruction)," with guest vocals by Sebastian Law (of New Kingdom and Truckstop fame), comes in at only second best. Guest appearances by Mr Dead, Sensational and Guy Albino make "Psychotic Episodes" the best track by far. And, as always, Guy Albino owns the track ending his verse - and the song for that matter - with "Just remember Guy Albino rocks buttnaked/Underneath all my clothes that is/With flows that make you jizz/Or at least lose your shit/Like female hormones give a man big tits." Hell, ya! Now I feel all dirty inside. And something's going to get me, I know it. (Wordsound)