Special Teamz Stereotypez

Bostonian veterans Edo G. and Jaysaun, along with newcomer Slaine (of La Coka Nostra), mix young and old hip-hop on Stereotypez, and they do it with the help of legends DJ Premier, Pete Rock and Devin the Dude, as well as rising stars Ill Bill, Sean Price and Buckshot. The outcome is, unfortunately, incredibly generic. With the title, and the origin state of slavery in their background, Special Teamz set themselves up for a commentary on racism with "Stereotypez,” a blistering satire of racial denigration, and "Race Riot,” the most progressive song on the album. But in between is the most basic hip-hop formula, albeit a formula that’s healthily formed, but the product is hardly memorable. Meanwhile, the Premier and Pete Rock beats are obvious throwaways. The trio prove their talent with flow and charisma but the content is hollow and monotonous. (Duck Down)