Sparrow Orange Hands and Knees Music

Sparrow has come a long way from his debut album on Noisefactory, The Beauty of Strangeness, this time introducing complex rhythmic layers but understating them as not to overshadow the other sounds. Drenched in atmospheric sweeps, this album encompasses a variety of emotions, articulating his music with a cinematic flair. Though every tune on this album is just about perfect, “I remember it all,” “Robin Hood” and “Slower than you think” are among my favorites. “I remember…” opens up with a tidal wave of synth lines then followed by a hail of rhythms. “Robin Hood” has the sweet charm of a child who slowly awakens from slumber, gazes about the room and discovers it is full of presents -- the sound of youthful laughter -- the music then gently unfurls into an expression of joy. “Slower…” is the opus piece, which utilises elements of the entire album to form a thematic reprise, offering a satisfying closure. From the chillingly eerie to the sweetly sentimental, Sparrow Orange is undergoing a metamorphosis in technique and I look forward to new developments on his next album. It’s always exciting to come across a musician who is actively growing in a way that is actually enjoyable to listen. (Noise Factory)