Sparks Announce 'New Music for Amnesiacs: The Essential Collection'

Sparks Announce 'New Music for Amnesiacs: The Essential Collection'
If the idea of grabbing Sparks five-disc New Music for Amnesiacs: The Ultimate Collection was too daunting for you, the brothers Mael are now delivering a truncated version of the set for the more casual fan. The expertly titled New Music for Amnesiacs: The Essential Collection arrives December 17 through the duo's own Lil' Beethoven imprint.

The condensed overview of the band's hefty discography weighs in at a more manageable 40 tracks, spread out over two CDs. Described as " the perfect introduction to, and celebration of, this extraordinary band's career," this obviously includes favourites like falsetto-sung glam rock classic "This Town Ain't Big Enough for Both of Us," the disco-fied "The Number One Song in Heaven" and the pulsing electro romanticism of "Angst in Your Pants" to more modern tracks like "Lighten Up Morrissey."

The two-CD offering was culled from The Ultimate Collection's first four discs, though not the bonus "souvenir CD." The truncated variation of the best-of will apparently also just include tunes from the larger project, not oodles of ephemera. The Ultimate Collection contained items like a car window sticker, replica concert tickets, a metal pin, a laminated pass, a poster, and a brown paper envelope containing photo outtakes from the group's Big Beat sessions.

New Music for Amnesiacs: The Essential Collection:

Disc 1:

1. Wonder Girl
2. Girl From Germany
3. This Town Ain't Big Enough For Both Of Us
4. Amateur Hour
5. Propaganda
6. At Home, At Work, At Play
7. Never Turn Your Back On Mother Earth
8. Something For The Girl With Everything
9. Looks, Looks,looks
10. Get In The Swing
11. Big Boy
12. Nothing To Do
13. A Big Surprise
14. Forever Young
15. The Number One Song In Heaven
16. Beat The Clock
17. When I'm With You (LP Single Version)
18. Tips For Teens
19. Funny Face
20. Angst In My Pants
21. I Predict
22. Popularity

Disc 2:

1. Cool Places
2. Pulling Rabbits Out of a Hat
3. Music That You Can Dance To
4. Change
5. Singing in the Shower
6. So Important
7. National Crime Awareness Week
8. When Do I Get to Sing 'My Way'
9. (When I Kiss You) I Hear Charlie Parker Playing
10. Something for the Girl With Everything (ft. Faith No More)
11. The Calm Before the Storm
12. The Rhythm Thief
13. How Do I Get to Carnegie Hall?
14. Suburban Homeboy
15. Dick Around
16. Perfume
17. Good Morning
18. Lighten Up, Morrissey