Spank Rock/ Various FabricLive.33

Sampling filth, sweat and sex is how Baltimore’s Spank Rock made major noise in 2006. That combo makes them perfect DJ/hosts for Fabric Live’s almost monthly electronic compilation series. Spank Rock patch together a collection of tracks to send your hips into endless undulations. It starts with a hip-hop classic, Kurtis Blow’s "The Breaks,” made dance-floor friendly by a beat that abandon hip-hop’s focus on flow for a disco dance known as the hustle. Mash-up masters, Spank Rock liberate from soul music’s golden age, introducing the Supremes to the Neptunes on a futuristic groove held together by the Contour’s "Do You Love Me.” It’s jarring, but only in the way your limbs seem inclined to snap, crackle and pop in unpredictable ways. Known for their playful approach to music making, they add the requisite flourishes — hyper-spastic beats and twitchy ad-libs — to most tracks without overpowering the originals. Unless, that is, you count their version of Rick Ross’s "Hustlin’.” Spank Rock strip away the bombast of a previously pompous tune, leaving Ross to deliver his rhymes over a beat that soars where its predecessor bounced. The only hustlin’ is done by a set of hands gently stabbing at the keyboard. Appearing as it does near the end of the album, it signals a downshifting and the end of another great party. (Fabric)