Spank Rock and BennyBlanco Bangers & Cash

With its unwritten "bad taste has no limits” maxim, it appears that party rap has — at least temporarily, pending the debuts of Yo Majesty, Kid Sister and Thunderheist — found its soundtrack in this collaboration between MC Spank Rock and producer Benny Blanco. Exemplifying the debauchery that propels this music’s booty trembling bass and sexually graphic lyrics, the duo look to originators 2 Live Crew for this EP’s inspiration. Bangers & Cash is actually a direct homage to the controversial Miamians, from the parody of the iconic album cover to the samples lifted from the Crew to the constant T&A-fixated subject matter. By party rap standards, Spank Rock and Blanco do it right; the hectic "B-O-O-T-A-Y” humps with a libidinous frenzy, thanks to revved up sirens, a customary hyped chorus and some female MCs balancing out the sexual vibes. And the boisterous shout-outs on the self-explanatory "Pu$$y” help it achieve a filthy bravado and an undeniable banging presence. Leave all political correctness at the door, this is unsympathetic music for the lewd and crude designed to shock, awe and rumble the walls of clubs. If you’re drunk and jonesin’ for something stylish and stupid, Spank Rock and Benny Blanco have what you need by getting as nasty as they want to be. (Downtown)