Spacefunk/Various Spectrum

Spectrum is a good mix of peak-time house tracks. Many of the bigger tracks of 2002 are included on this mix, including dance floor-friendly remixes of Josh One's "Contemplation," Puretone's "Addicted to Bass" and Moby's "We Are All Made of Stars." Also included are some less obvious but equally good tracks, such as Soul Mekanik's "C'mon Over," Brett Johnson's "Stucco Homes" and even a Hakan Lidbo track. Spacefunk also includes two of their own productions. The first is "Evil Moogafooga," with one of the best bass lines in recent memory. The second is their mash-up of Daft Punk's "Around the World" and Sub Sub's "Funky Music" (you may now know Sub Sub as Doves). Over the CD, they also mix in a generous helping of a capellas, which spices things up somewhat. The mix maintains a brisk up-tempo pace, which could certainly be varied a bit more, as the constant speed throughout the hour-long mix makes things blur together a bit too much. Otherwise, a good mix of big tracks. (V2)