Spaceboy The Force That Holds Together A Heart Torn To Pieces

Even though they're joking around, the Fucking Champs display a definite passion for heavy metal. Spaceboy, on the other hand, don't, and it sounds as if they joke around too much, to the point of bona fide sloppiness. Comprised of former members of the Champs and Bl'ast!, this San Francisco outfit spot welds together disparate elements of black metal, doom melancholy and trippy psychedelia, as if they plowed through side two of Rush's venerable Caress Of Steel on a drunken whim. While "Sky Marshal Silver" sports cool Morbid Angel guitar arpeggios and Slayer chords, "The Maze" is a labyrinth of effects and would-be math rock with angry-guy hardcore vocals that are flat and monotonous. The pseudo-spooky spoken word vocals of "Strange New Powers" resembles Hendrix's stab at the same in "If 6 Was 9," amid its multi-riffed, black metal atmosphere. You may think Smashing Pumpkins (or even Gods Child, egad!) from their name, but rest assured that Spaceboy are merely artsy-fartsy alterna-rockers posing as metal wannabes (Howling Bull)