Space Elevator Space Elevator

Rather than rushing into the studio and committing those first few attempts at songs to tape, Toronto’s Space Elevator have taken it more slowly. It has taken them two years to put together their debut recording and this has proved to be a good decision. With a list of influences as long as your arm, Space Elevator aims to deliver catchy pop songs and they’ve done everything possible to ensure that the end result is everything they hoped it would be. They’ve recruited João Carvalho (who’s already worked with Hayden and By Divine Right) to produce their debut album and the end product is something that values economy when it comes to delivering their musical message. Brevity is the order of the day, with the majority of the songs clocking in at three minutes or less, and they don’t mess around with anything that isn’t absolutely necessary. As a three-piece, their sound is uncluttered, with elements of the Pixies, Imperial Teen and other groups that do cool things with vocal harmonies. As debuts go, this one is focussed and possesses some very good songs that hint that the band still has a few tricks up their sleeve. (Independent)