Soviettes The Soviettes

Yay, finally, a female-fronted band that has the goods to succeed the Muffs as the best girl punk in the world. Minneapolis’s the Soviettes play crisp, hard-hitting hook-ridden punk pop with lots of good melody like on the infectious "Bottom’s Up, Bottomed Out.” Driving guitars and lots of energy also set things off on the perky "9th Street,” which shows that even with the same old four distorted chords, a good song is only a matter of some good screamed back up vocals and a nice melody. The intensity of the only male member, Danny on drums, drives the band along in a way not heard since the heyday of the Fastbacks and keeps your head bobbing on songs like "B Squad.” Not to forget the kings of pop punk, the Buzzcocks, the Soviettes pay tribute on the lyrically tricky "Matt’s Song,” which has a kind of "What Do I Get?" thing going on. Also cool is the total diss on the Nazi-like Clear Channel Radio Network on "Land Of Clear Blue Radio." A great little first album from a band that can not only rock out but write a damn good song too! (Adeline)