Southeast Engine A Wheel Within A Wheel

Picture this: a young, married and recently unemployed Athens, OH middle school teacher. Screams front-man, right? Well, maybe not, but it will after you listen to A Wheel Within A Wheel, which was written and performed by the aforementioned former educator, Adam Remnant, along with the rest of Southeast Engine, or just the Engine, if you happen to be an Athens local. Part clap-along pop rock (check out "Taking the Fall”), part neighbourhood saloon twang ("Let It Be So”), the third full-length record from this newly signed band fuses these two styles as if they were always meant to be one. And don’t be fooled by the Book of Ezekiel-influenced title or the sometimes Bible-referencing lyrics — this really isn’t a religious record. So, if you were hoping for the next Creed, Southeast Engine aren’t it. Thank God. (Misra)