The Sounds The Mod Club, Toronto ON April 28

The Sounds The Mod Club, Toronto ON April 28
Swedish dance pop did not end with ABBA - the Sounds are reviving all the fun of the '70s, and giving it a modern twist. Singer Maja even keeps the tradition of the thin, blonde, Farah Fawcett-haired vocalist going, though the tattoos and masculine posturing displayed at their gigs are in contrast to anything acceptable in the Eurovision song contest.

Having played at Bam Margera's wedding and been featured on the Snakes On A Plane soundtrack, the Sounds are bigger than ever and pulled a surprisingly large crowd to the Mod Club, making for an atmosphere of juvenile excitement. Maja was received like the Gwen Stefani of the electro world, and played up to the attention as much as her counterpart might have.

Strutting around the boys in the band and showing off a pair of legs that defy the laws of nature, she clearly was having a ball, and it was insanely infectious: within minutes, the whole place was dancing. There were a few songs from their upcoming album, some of which were more promising than others, but it was still the old favourites like "Painted By Numbers" and an satisfyingly aggressive version of "Hope You're Happy Now" that really pleased the crowd.

Whether this is a reflection on the quality of the new material or a comment on the fickle nature of fame is difficult to tell, and hard to care about when a show was that much fun. The inevitable encore consisted of just one song, the well-loved "Tony The Beat," and having played the song that everyone had secretly been waiting for the band departed and everyone headed home satisfied.

Formulaic, maybe, but the Sounds aren't trying to change the world - they're just here to have a good time.