Soundgarden Announce New Best-of Comp, Dig Up Previously Unreleased Track

Soundgarden Announce New Best-of Comp, Dig Up Previously Unreleased Track
To cap off their reunion year, grunge heavyweights Soundgarden have announced that they have compiled a best-of compilation, due for release in late September.

As Soundgarden's official site points out, the band's first retrospective, titled Telephantasm, is due September 28 via A&M, and will come bundled with one million copies of Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock, plus instant downloads of Soundgarden content for the game. Two special-edition versions of the album will drop the same day: a "deluxe" three-disc CD/DVD combo, including two records of hits, B-sides and rarities, and a DVD compiling all of Soundgarden's music videos, plus some rare edits and versions; and a "super deluxe" edition, which adds three discs of heavy vinyl and limited-edition packaging to the CD/DVD set.

A week later, on October 5, the release will be available as a single disc. All versions of Telephantasm will include "Black Rain," an outtake from the sessions for 1991's Badmotorfinger.

As guitarist Kim Thayil told Rolling Stone, a B-sides compilation is also due for release sometime soon, but delays between the band, label and management have made it difficult.

"Basically, a box set slowly and surely will happen," he said. "We need communication with the band, our record label and management. It's all inertia, if it's a big giant stone wheel, it comes down a hill really fast. But it goes up a hill very slow. Right now, it's at the bottom of the hill, and we've got to push it back up."

Soundgarden will play a fan-club-only show at Chicago's Vic on Thursday (August 5) before playing their long-anticipated set at Lollapalooza the day after.

Telephantasm Regular Edition:

1. "Hunted Down"
2. "Hands All Over"
3. "Outshined"
4. "Rusty Cage"
5. "Birth Ritual"
6. "Black Hole Sun"
7. "Spoonman"
8. "My Wave"
9. "Fell On Black Days"
10. "Burden In My Hand"
11. "Blow Up The Outside World"
12. "Black Rain" *

Telephantasm: (2xCD/Limited Edition DVD)

Disc One:
1. "All Your Lies"
2. "Hunted Down"
3. "Fopp"
4. "Beyond The Wheel"
5. "Flower (BBC Session)" *
6. "Hands All Over"
7. "Big Dumb Sex"
8. "Get On The Snake" (Live)
9. "Room A Thousand Years Wide (Single Version)" *
10. "Rusty Cage"
11. "Outshined"
12. "Slaves & Bulldozers"

Disc Two:
1. "Jesus Christ Pose" (Live)
2. "Birth Ritual"
3. "My Wave"
4. "Superunknown"
5. "Spoonman"
6. "Black Hole Sun"
7. "Fell On Black Days" (Video Version)
8. "Burden In My Hand"
9. "Dusty"
10. "Pretty Noose" (Live on SNL) *
11. "Blow Up The Outside World" (MTV Live 'N' Loud) *
12. "Black Rain" *

1. "Flower"
2. "Hands All Over"
3. "Loud Love"
4. "Jesus Christ Pose" (Original Version) *
5. "Outshined" *
6. "Rusty Cage" *
7. "My Wave"
8. "Spoonman" *
9. "The Day I Tried To Live" (Uncensored)
10. "Black Hole Sun"
11. "Fell On Black Days"
12. "Pretty Noose" (Uncensored) *
13. "Burden In My Hand" *
14. "Blow Up The Outside World" (Uncensored) *

Bonus Videos:
1. "Spoonman" (Mash-up Version) *
2. "The Day I Tried To Live" (European Version) *
3. "Superunknown"
4. "Pretty Noose" (International Version) *
5. "Pretty Noose" (Alternate Ending) *
6. "Blow Up The Outside World" (Censored) *

* Previously unavailable