Sound And Fury Sound And Fury

The latest entry in the onslaught of AC/DC-inspired acts, Toronto, ON’s Sound And Fury are clearly the most Angus-ified of the batch. Where acts such as the Darkness and Airbourne proudly sport the Dirty Deeds crew on their sleeve, this quintet play a game of Name That Riff, pulling from every classic blues rock guitar line your local classic rock station keeps on regular rotation. And naturally the majority of lyrics revolve around the predictable girls, booze and, well, girls. This isn’t to say that songs such as "Night Of The Ghouls,” "Bad Touch” and "Teenage Rampage” are all that bad though. In fact, despite the obvious plagiarism, the spirit and energy put forth on this independent recording are quite impressive. Even though there is an unmistakable lack of originality, these guys mean every note they hit and singer Luke Metcalf has an exceptional wail. Occasionally cheesy but always inspired, Sound And Fury are a reasonable hand-drawn facsimile of the other carbon copies ripping off the Young brothers today. (Rebel Youth)