Soulscar Victim Impact Statement

Soulscar defy all expectations. One glance at the atrocious layout and front cover will be enough to put off most, and the slightest mention of singing in death metal immediately sets off the average metalhead’s "nu” alarm. Soulscar walk many a fine line, but manage to remain within the realms of good taste at all times. Blending the no-holds-barred thrash chops of At The Gates with the more melodic, hook-based edge of Soilwork, the band holds it down for an entire record purely on the strength of their melodies, which are catchy and involving even after multiple, overly critical listens. Whereas the average melodic death band wears their formula thin fast with quickly assembled, speedy tracks that end up blending hopelessly into one another, Soulscar aren’t afraid to inject groove and infectious cleans when necessary, while still maintaining an appropriate amount of prowess and technicality. Considering that this subgenre is for the most part dead (and if not, metalcore is driving the final nail into the coffin), it is frankly amazing that bands like Soulscar still exist, and even more so that this sounds as fresh and listenable as it does. Let Victim Impact Statement be a testament to the fact that anything can be pulled off — if you have the creativity and the initiative to stand apart from the pack. One of the strongest Canadian releases of 2004. (Galy)