Souljah Fyah Truth Will Reveal

Blowing in from Edmonton, AB comes Souljah Fyah, who were showcased on last year’s Real Roots Reggae compilation. This disc is a good example of the increased production values evident in Canadian reggae over the last several years. The band are solid but the production and mix bring a more interactive dub appeal to the proceedings. Lead vocalist Sista J has a pretty, straightforward tone but she sounds timid with the material, but that’s not always a bad thing where dub production is concerned. After a strong start of four songs, the album loses momentum with an overlong prelude leading to a standard issue cover of the reggae Dylan fave "Knocking On Heaven’s Door.” The next several songs introduce new vocalists into the mix, varying the approach but confusing the band’s personality a bit. This is a generally strong debut album but the band should keep writing and developing their original ideas and chemistry. (Independent)