Soulfly Primitive

A long groan exits my mouth as I sit here thinking about Sepultura's groundbreaking history while listening to the new Soulfly disc. I know Max doesn't want to write the same thrash album over and over, but I wish he had gone into some progressive territory instead of hoping on the "glam for the '00s bandwagon," "nu-metal." He really pulls out all the stops and on paper it might sound great, but it all sounds so forced I could just cry (as soon as I finish laughing). A huge whirlwind of funky grooves, weird instruments that, face it, just do not mix well with metal, guests up the yin-yang (none of whom help matters any) and a lot of anger that just sounds tired. This is so trendy sounding that you can almost map out the evolutionary chain of how this record came into existence: Danger Danger/My Sisters Machine/Soulfly, you know? File next to Cold Lake, This Burning Red and Load, for obvious reasons. Sure to sell truckloads, and just in time for Christmas. (Roadrunner)