Soul Supreme Saturday Nite Agenda

Sometimes attempts to mix the old with the new are better left alone but the results on this producer-based compilation are undeniably positive. With Saturday Nite Agenda, producer Soul Supreme joins acts like Looptroop on the list of impressive hip-hop talent to hail from Sweden. Soul Supreme’s style draws on the hip-hop production trend du jour: the sped-up soul sample. Grittily popularised by the RZA and recently refined by the likes of Kanye West, Soul Supreme has studied well and serves up a bounty of blissful head-nodders with spliced up snippets from blaxploitation movies. However, most of the nods to the past here are heroes of New York’s late ’80s/early ’90s underground and their disciples who rarely find favour in today’s marketplace. Veterans like Big Daddy Kane ("Come Get It”) and A.G. ("TSNA”) sound reinvigorated over these melodic yet gritty beats, and when Pete Rock shows up to anchor "Queen,” it becomes apparent why lyrical stalwart O.C. tabbed Soul Supreme for his new album. Other impressive showings come from Shuman ("Security”) and Electric Co. ("Respect Life”), but there are a few times when the lyricists don’t hold up their end of the bargain. But Soul Supreme remains consistent throughout, marking him and the Boston-based Inebriated Rhythm as promising up and comers. (Inebriated Rhythm)