Soul Immigrants Soul Immigrants

Although the duo of brothers D'Pac and Yogi have thus far established themselves firmly within the house community (in Toronto and beyond), this mini-LP debut showcases their talents for grooves that are subtler than most. The production style is heavy on its use of synths and drum machines rather than samples, and as a result, the disc often sounds more analog than digital, with emphasis on self-made grooves rather than recycled flavours. The tracks "2nd Time" and "Collective Orchestra" recall an early '90s acid-jazz feel while "Feel About It" and "Solid Vibes" deliver straight-up, floor-stomping house vibes. The best moments are when there's a little bit of both, as is the case on "Ocean" and the ten-minute-long "Nu York" - both of which feature keyboardist David Austin sprinkling his live improvised action to the mix. (Different Shades)