Soul Control Announce 'Bore Core' EP

Soul Control Announce 'Bore Core' EP
Soul Control last left us with 2011's Get Out Now mini-release, which Exclaim! lauded as "a sleeper that will embed itself in your mind," and the Providence, RI post-hardcore crew will keep things equally bite-sized on their upcoming Bore Core EP.

The collection arrives July 31 via Bridge 9. Produced by Trevor Vaughan, Bore Core will feature five songs, with a as-yet-unrevealed sixth song available on the digital edition.

You hear this all the time from bands, but Soul Control feel this fresh batch of '90s-referencing hardcore tunes are their best yet.

"One more quirky cliche phrase on how this is our best material to date. I wouldn't say there's one direct musical influence on the sound of this EP but the fact that we're nothing more than a punk band comprised of people raised in the 90's is becoming more and more evident," guitarist Jim Connolly said in a smart-alecky statement. "We tend to write in chunks. This chunk of songs seemed to all fit together nicely as an EP and we're happy that B9 wanted to release more of our chunks."

Bridge 9 hints that full song samples are on their way, but for now you can hear a snippet of a streamlined new tune in the studio clip down below.

Bore Core:

1. Appetite

2. Headtrippin

3. Ugly

4. Anxious

5. Reek