Sorry, Punk Rock, Yahoo! Says You're Dead

Sorry, Punk Rock, Yahoo! Says You're Dead
In an effort to stir the pot with fanatical web nerds, Yahoo! Music has been making some pretty authoritative statements on punk rock lately. Back in the summer, the search-engine-powered-blog somehow figured out the 25 best punk logos of all time. But that information is pretty irrelevant now, since the site has decided that punk is dead.

In a recent blog post titled "Hot Topic Punks in a Fake Punk World", Yahoo! blogger Shawn Amos decided to explain the death of punk. "Punk is dead," he wrote. " Actually, it died a long time ago once the Sex Pistols imploded and the Clash's Joe Strummer had the temerity to kick Mick Jones out of the band and then release the career-killing record Cut the Crap... No, scratch that. Punk died when the first Hot Topic store opened in 1988."

Besides the obvious hypocrisy of railing against the tenets of Hot Topic-bred culture right next to a Will.I.Am Pepsi banner ad (naturally, we're not ones to talk), Amos's top-of-the-heap reference points suggest his punkest moments came from Rolling Stone in the first place.

Of course, to prove just how lame punk has got, Amos posted a plethora of music videos by the likes of Green Day, Avril Lavigne and Simple Plan. It's telling that those videos are hosted by Yahoo! Music, likely in an effort to boost traffic to their dwindling search engine.

What's next, Netscape declaring the return of grunge?