Sorrow "Dreamstone" (ft. CoMA) (video) / 'Dreamstone' (album stream)

Sorrow 'Dreamstone' (ft. CoMA) (video) / 'Dreamstone' (album stream)
Sorrow's press materials describe the UK producer's music as "float[ing] above the furthest reaches of ambient dubstep," meaning that it's miles away from the fax-machine-gone-haywire sound that's often associated with dubstep on our continent. His album Dreamstone is out on our shores on June 11 through Monotreme Records, and you can now check out the entire album, along with a video for the title track.

"Dreamstone" features guest vocals from CoMa, who coos sweetly over a wash of atmospheric synth swells and mellow beats. The song begins and ends with some whispered, reflective spoken word segments. The accompanying music video, meanwhile, shows a young woman walking through the trees in the soft sunlight of a summery-looking day. It was filmed by Oliver Lønstrup Thorsen.

The full debut album is also below. Its 11 songs range from blissful dreaminess to moody darkness.